Can Small RIAs Implement and Benefit From Investment Committees Like Major Wealth Advisory Practices?

The concept behind an Investment Committee is comparable to our government’s purposeful “checks and balances” system. Just like the judicial, executive and legislative branches’ responsibility to question, review and validate proposals from one another, members of an Investment Committee take on the responsibility to research and understand the risks and benefits of proposed investments from other members.

At Regent Peak, we are proud of the way in which we manage our process around these checks and balances, primarily through the diverse backgrounds, perspectives and areas of expertise that each of our members brings to the conversation. Each member of our Investment Committee has the respect of their peers and decisions are made such that no one member can overrule the others.

Even in a “boutique” RIA, an Investment Committee provides a framework and structure that drives deliberate and thoughtful investment recommendations. It also enhances a comprehensive compliance process.

Most importantly, the Regent Peak Wealth Advisors’ Investment Committee enhances our service offering and role as fiduciaries, rather than limits or restricts it. Not all RIAs incorporate an Investment Committee into their operations, but at Regent Peak, our recurring meetings are an integral part of our processes. Additionally, we draw on the independent advice of subject matter experts when we need to in order to thoroughly vet concepts that might be outside of the core competence of our leadership team.

An Investment Committee allows for reflection especially during times of flux, such as during the pandemic. No one knows when the next serious market fluctuation will occur, but a wealth advisor can have structure and process in place that allows for evaluation of a situation - whether it’s negative or positive - and we believe the Investment Committee allows us to do that.

Finally, we are proud to monitor the strength of our decision-making and learn from our past recommendations through our Investment Committee. At Regent Peak we take the role of fiduciary seriously and we believe it is impossible to provide smart counsel to our relationships without recognizing that continuous learning is part of our role as advisors.

Investors need to understand the role and function of their firm’s Investment Committee, regardless of its size, and at Regent Peak, we welcome the opportunity to share why ours is integral to our operations.

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