Regent Peak Difference


Our Approach

  • Comprehensive
  • We focus on all aspects of your life to create smart solutions that go beyond investment management. Keeping your goals and objectives in mind, these solutions are tailored to you and your family, allowing you peace of mind regardless of your circumstances.
  • Simplification
  • We excel at taking the complexity out of wealth management and simplifying the decision-making process. With our approach we strive to give you the confidence that all of your concerns are effectively managed.
  • Independence
  • As an independent advisory firm, we can offer objective advice. We leverage our industry relationships effectively to provide the best service.

Successful Partnerships

Who We Work With


Corporate Executives

We go beyond the basics. We help you plan for the future. We are your copilot: from evaluating possible changes when challenges come your way, to even examining your compensation offer if new opportunities arise.


Business Owners

We work to simplify your financial decisions, to make sure you have all the information you need to reach your financial goals. Our experienced team wants to fine tune your plan, to maximize rewarding outcomes.


Generational Wealth Management

Our Regent Peak team knows your financial plan and objectives might evolve as your wealth matures. We want to build a relationship with your entire family, meeting each individual wherever they are on their wealth journey. Our knowledgeable and flexible team works to guide you through the years, adjusting to make sure your goals align with your situation.



Our Regent Peak team knows your financial stability is a top concern and we understand a divorce can be very stressful. We provide support as your financial guide during & after your divorce, reviewing the numbers to make sure your finances and lifestyle align.

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Regent Peak Wealth Advisors is a registered independent advisory firm dedicated to working with creators of significant wealth, including multi-generational families, business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, as well as trustees and board directors.