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The housing boom of the past several years combined with inflationary fears has created a renewed interest in real estate investing. People may forget to discuss their real estate holdings with their financial advisor, usually under the belief that real estate should be viewed as separate from their investment portfolio. However, ownership in real estate is an investment just like stocks and bonds, and there are considerable planning...

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As your younger children move through middle and high school, guidance counselors and career advisors might suggest that children with a comparative strength in math, data and computing look into careers in “finance” or “economics”. Sometimes those recommendations can feel vast and too broadly focused to understand what paths your children should take with regard to course selection as well as extra-curricular activities. One option within...

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We're halfway through the year already?! Time has flown for us as we have focused on strengthening relationships with clients and partners - an effort that we thoroughly enjoy and value. Whether you've worked with us for decades, or you are a recent member to the Regent Peak family, our commitment to you does not differ. Just as we work to establish and adhere to a plan for our clients portfolios, in tandem with tax and estate professionals,...

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Small business owners face a unique set of challenges due in part to the interconnected nature of their personal and professional finances. Here are five common financial management concerns that small business owners face:

1. Raising Capital

Small businesses are often capital intensive, especially in the early years of ownership. This can be a daunting time in the life of a business, and owners are often more...

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The Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) Tax Exemption is one of the most impactful yet least understood tax exemptions for business owners. It comes from Section 1202 of the Internal Revenue Code, which states that any Qualified Small Business shareholder can sell their qualified stock, aka ownership in the company, and will be exempt from capital gains on that stock, up to the greater of $10 million or 10x the initial...

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This Spring our family traveled to Europe. This trip exceeded our expectations in so many ways, my personal favorite sites were the Winston Churchill Museum and the Normandy American Cemetery. Walking through both, I gained a greater appreciation for the dedication, courage, and unwavering commitment the Allied forces had in defeating the Nazis. Through all the chaos, uncertainty, confusion, and destruction, a simple mandate of victory at...

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As financial advisors, we like to explore the big picture of both your professional and personal goals. At the root of that discussion is, what are you doing in your professional life that will enable you to fund and enjoy your personal life? Interestingly, we sometimes stumble into conversations where our relationships will say in passing, “I might also seek to join a Board…” That’s when we say, “Fantastic! But let’s talk about why and...


Making a donation to a favorite non-profit organization has several obvious benefits. Firstly, the satisfaction you and your family gets out of supporting an organization that gives back in your local or national community is not only satisfying, but also provides a good example for children of all ages on the importance of helping others who might be in need.

Secondly, there are financial benefits to both the recipient and you as the...

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As financial advisors, we like to explore the big picture of both your professional and personal goals. At the root of that discussion is, what are you doing in your professional life that will enable you to fund and enjoy your personal life? Interestingly, we sometimes stumble into conversations where our relationships will say in passing, “I might also seek to join a Board…” That’s when we say, “Fantastic! But let’s talk about why and...

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Company culture can be hard to describe, and also hard to maintain. At Regent Peak Wealth Advisors, we believe our culture is a significant part of our value added to our relationships. We put time and effort into building our team bond and we use our core values as a foundation for how we work with one another as well as our clients.

Our core values are:

  • Creative Solutions

  • Teamwork

  • Trusted...

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Looking for a summer project for your children? Teach them financial literacy this summer… and next summer, and the following summer, and so on.

There is a range of sophistication of financial literacy, and we can help our children learn the basics early, and then help them grow and feel comfortable with the concepts and jargon over the years. Normalizing conversations about money, budgeting, and planning can be powerful tools to allow...

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Divorcing couples have many questions which their attorney, CPA, and financial planner are unequipped to answer.

Examples may include:

1) How do we value and divide property? How do you calculate capital gains from selling the marital home? This is an important evaluation to undertake before approaching an attorney or CPA, who have the responsibilities of facilitating the division of assets, not evaluating the value of assets....


During times of marketplace uncertainty, bad actors smell opportunity. The fall of Silicon Valley Bank and the resulting nervousness in the marketplace could trigger unscrupulous operators to engage with you to try to get you to reveal your private and personal information, particularly related to your banking practices.

Things to beware of include:

  • Scammers might attempt to impersonate trusted banking brands or cyber...

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Investor sentiment can be influenced in a variety of ways, and when one is thinking about how to manage a portfolio during a recession, it’s important to recognize what information is truly important vs what is just noise. Media and other speculative forces can push sentiment in directions that don’t always follow the data.

So, what exactly is a recessionary market? The commonly-accepted definition of recession is when there are two...

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Taking the time to pull together a financial plan may sound onerous. If you embark on the effort, your initial thought is, “There has got to be a return on the investment of my time,” right? At Regent Peak, we believe there are MANY benefits to a financial plan, but below are our Top Five:

1. It gives you short and long-term goals to be working towards.

We have a lot of runners among our Regent Peak Wealth Advisors’ team. None of...

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Craig Robson, CFP®, CIMA®, CDFA®, Founding Principal and Managing Director

During a recent conversation with one of my teenage boys while driving him to school, he commented that he felt I was a risk-taker compared to his friends’ fathers. I was somewhat caught off guard with this unexpected comment so I asked him to elaborate. To paraphrase, he responded, for example: 1) you were...

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At Regent Peak, we strongly feel our relationships are partnerships. We like to describe the relationship like our clients are the pilots, and we are the co-pilot. Even though we are in the financial planning advisory role, our clients establish the destination (set their financial goals), outline the flight path (explain the level of risk they are comfortable taking on), and safely land the plane (reap the rewards of financial discipline)....

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The concept behind an Investment Committee is comparable to our government’s purposeful “checks and balances” system. Just like the judicial, executive and legislative branches’ responsibility to question, review and validate proposals from one another, members of an Investment Committee take on the responsibility to research and understand the risks and benefits of proposed investments from other members.

At Regent Peak, we are proud...

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The majority of our clients have been investing for years, if not decades. There are times, however, when we meet individuals or couples who come to the realization that they are now accumulating wealth but just haven’t done anything about investing, and they are concerned that they’ve “missed the boat”. Or we have clients who would like to advise their young adult children on how to set out on their investment journey. In either case, the...

Selling a Business

As a business owner thinks about selling their business, there’s a number of different components they need to think about well in advance of the actual sale of the company. Those considerations can be categorized into “internal,” aspects that relate to ensuring the business will be operating as efficiently and effectively as possible to be attractive to potential buyers, and “external,” which includes market conditions and timing of a...

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Craig Robson, , CFP®, CIMA®, CDFA®, Founding Principal And Managing Director

When I am randomly asked what my favorite holiday movie is, I answer, without hesitation, "It’s a Wonderful Life." For those who are not familiar with this 1946 classic, the movie showcases a man who has given up his personal dreams in order to help others in his community and whose thoughts of suicide on...



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