Certified Exit Planning Advisor Designation - What This Means for You

Some of the Regent Peak team’s most successful relationships are with business owners. We have always strived to simplify their financial decisions and fine tune their plan, while working to maximize rewarding outcomes. Now, our team has another differentiator that provides us the ability to go deeper with business owners, assisting them with one of the biggest career decisions in their life: the sale of their business.

Our Chief Financial Officer, Kevin Manning, recently earned his Certified Exit Planning Advisor designation. This designation allows our team to not only look at their business routines, but how they are managing their finances and what changes can be made to increase productivity and value at the time of sale.

“We understand there are a lot of seats at the table that need to efficiently come together to advise business owners during this process,” explains Kevin. “With this designation we can quarterback that team of professionals, lead those meetings and organize the project, that is selling the business, from beginning to end.”

Since the creation of Regent Peak as a registered independent advisory firm, we have watched the evolution of the relationships we form. Business owners are seeking out our guidance, as we are now a small business. It is a natural progression for our Regent Peak team to have this designation, because for many business owners their company is the largest asset in their net worth. We can make sure they get the most value out of their life’s work. It is something that we are excited to help them achieve.