New Heights December 2020

Working Remotely By now you know that we have moved into our wonderful new office in the Galleria Office Park. While our new office is beautiful, we are continuing to heed the guidance from the CDC and local officials. You've likely heard that most of our team members visit the office on a part-time, rotating schedule to minimize contact with one another. If an in-person meeting is warranted, and our office happens to be the most convenient location, we will seek to accommodate, but we ask you to keep in mind the following:

  • We may opt to use the conference room in the building, as opposed to our suite, to meet the needs of our staff.
  • When visiting our building it is required to wear a mask on the premises.
  • Your Regent Peak team will be wearing a mask and we ask that you do the same, if we are not able to adequately social distance.

We long for the day that we can enjoy each other's company face-to-face again. But, we acknowledge now is not that time. The use of technology, such as Zoom is preferred until it is safe to be in each other's presence again.

Zoom allows for us to set up virtual video meetings, live chats and screen-sharing with you. We've successfully been using these tools to conduct our client portfolio reviews, proposals, and collaborations with COIs, as an alternative to the standard phone call.

You do not need an account with Zoom to attend a meeting, and the platform is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Should you have any questions on the use of this technology, please contact us ahead of your scheduled meeting. If you do not have your advisor's direct contact information, please reach out to our office manager, Amey Mitchell for guidance: 470-867-3550 /

Next Semester's Tuition Bill

A courtesy reminder to begin thinking through your next steps for any upcoming tuition bills. If you have a 529 and intend to use funds to cover the cost of an upcoming tuition bill, please give us an early notification as it relates to amount, and deadlines.

To ensure timely payment, and confirmation of receipt from the educational institution, we recommend you pay the institution, and utilize the 529 to request reimbursement to yourself. In some cases, paperwork is needed to fulfill these requests. In other instances, you may be able to fulfill this distribution online yourself. Please reach out to us to discuss.

Important Reminder

No need to wait for your annual review meeting! If there is a change in your financial situation, investment objectives, risk profile or if any account restrictions should be added, removed or modified, please contact your Advisor.

Holiday Traditions

Your Regent Peak team welcomes you to share in the holiday season by taking a look through the photos and ways in which we share in the spirit of the season with our loved ones. Some traditions old, some new, as we embrace the moments we cherish with those we love most.

Holiday Traditions_Hoyt 12-2020.jpeg

Nathan and his wife have been enjoying the Atlanta Botanical Garden of Lights holiday event for the past 10 years! It is now a time they cherish, as they watch their kids in awe of all the lights.

For Craig and his family, many traditions are important and have evolved over the years. They enjoy Secret Santa across their large extended family group. He and his wife Angelia, along with their two sons, buy a Happy Birthday cake for Jesus, to remind them what Christmas is all about. On Christmas Eve they have It's A Wonderful Life on as they enjoy each others company.

Holiday Traditions_Manning 12-2020.jpeg

Kevin and family enjoy picking out their Christmas tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving. This is an annual tradition they enjoy while listening to holiday music.

As kids, Emily and her sisters were allowed one present to open, pre-selected by mom and dad of course. It always included a new pair of holiday themed pajama’s to go to bed in that night, while watching Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town. It was special to wake up Christmas morning in their matching p.j. sets. She and her husband now cherish that tradition with their own two daughters.

Holiday Traditions_Laster 12-2020.jpeg

Carmen’s family has several traditions they’ve created over the years, like making homemade cocoa for the girls, and having eggnog while decorating the tree on Black Friday. They enjoy chili (recipe shared by a client!) and exchange new p.j.’s on Christmas Eve. One of her sentimental favorites is looking at cards of years past when they pull out their decorations. Each year they save the cards received and bind them at the end of the season. Then they reminisce the next year when displayed. It’s fun to look back at how everyone’s families have changed and kids have grown year after year.

Holiday Traditions_Mitchell 12-2020.jpeg

It was always Amey's grandma's tradition to give out new pajamas and slippers for Christmas. To this day, her Aunt Judy (81 y/o), loves keeping this tradition alive for Amey and her brother Paul. Amey enjoys reciprocating, and buys her aunt pajamas and slippers too.