New Heights | Issue 11

A Joyous Holiday Season. As we near the end of 2020, we hope nothing but positivity for you through the remainder of what has been a rollercoaster ride of a year. While the holiday season looks very different from what we're used to, we hope everyone takes this time to enjoy what matters most. We're counting our blessings. Stay safe and well. A

Next Semester's Tuition Bill

A courtesy reminder to begin thinking through your next steps for any upcoming tuition bills that may be coming due. If you have a 529 and intend to use funds to cover the cost of an upcoming tuition bill, please give us an early notification as it relates to amount, and deadlines. To ensure timely payment, and confirmation of receipt from the educational institution, we recommend you make your payment to the institution, and utilize the 529 to request reimbursement to yourself. In some cases, paperwork is needed to fulfill these requests. In other instances you may be able to fulfill this distribution online yourself. Please reach out to us to discuss.

Year-End Tax Planning

As in previous years, we have begun our year-end tax loss harvesting process. Between now and December 31, we will review all positions in your taxable portfolio and take advantage of any reasonable opportunity to reduce your overall tax liability for 2020. We may engage with you throughout this process, and potentially reach out to your CPA for coordination of tax efficiencies. You can check out more on this topic from Craig in his recent video. Link provided in email.

Charitable Gifting of Stock

We'd like to have your gift authorization in for processing by Friday, December 11. As in years past, the longer you wait to submit your stock gift transmission, the less likely it is to be processed by year end. There are some unique situations, so please engage with us sooner rather than later to talk through your scenario. We make it happen, with your help!


A friendly reminder that while texting may be convenient, we are unable to send/receive business related text messages due to regulatory record keeping provisions. Approved methods of communication with our firm's employees should be limited to written, email, phone, and/or fax.


We Moved: Our New Office

On October 1, 2020 we moved into our new office space near Truist Park.

Effective October 1, our address is:

  • 600 Galleria Pkwy. SE
  • Suite 850
  • Atlanta, GA 30339

Please keep in mind, social distancing and work from-home remains in effect in large part for your Regent Peak team.