New Heights | Issue 9

As we've mentioned before, our Regent Peak team is committed to working towards successful outcomes for our clients and to keep you informed on major financial/economic news. Through his Craig's Corner reports, our Founding Principal and Managing Director provides insight into the markets, as he digs into the data. Here is a sample of his latest edition:

Keeping You Informed

For many of us, the beginning of the pandemic seems like a lifetime ago. As we move forward, we continue to see signs of economic optimism and recovery. The Wall Street Journal recently polled business and academic economists and they expect better growth forecasts for gross domestic product in Q3 than originally anticipated (23.9% compared with 18.3%).1 They also expect unemployment to tick down to 8.1% by December, compared to 9% in the earlier survey.2 While these forecasts are just one set of professional opinions within many evolving data points, there is continued optimism in this recovery which aligns with the market's strong recovery since the March precipitous decline.


No need to wait for your annual review meeting! Reminder: If there is a change in your financial situation, investment objectives, risk profile or if any account restrictions should be added, removed or modified please contact your Advisor.


Finally! We are excited to share that we are officially putting some Regent Peak roots in the northwest Atlanta area. As you may have heard in recent conversations, we have secured an office near Truist Park in the Galleria Office Park. We move in October 1st. As of that date, please note our address: 600 Galleria Pkwy., SE Suite 850, Atlanta, GA 30339


New Office & Working From Home

While our office move is exciting, we want to share that for the majority of your Regent Peak team, working from home will continue to be our primary mode of operation. We look forward to spending a bit more time together as a team, but the health and safety of not only ourselves but our families remains the priority at this time. We have seamlessly assisted you since this became the new norm, and we will continue to do so in an effective manner. We will rotate in to the office on an as-needed basis. We can always be reached by email or phone call. If we are not immediately available we will get back with you. When you call for one of us specifically, be sure to use our direct lines, which forward to our cell phones. Our main line will continue to route to our office manager, Amey. She is happy to assist with your requests, or she will share any pertinent information to your advisor. We look forward to continuing to serve your needs everyday.


As we head into the 4th Quarter we acknowledge many of you have gifting on the mind!It is the season for giving! As you get into the spirit, remember this, generally early December is the recommended deadline for processing of stock gifts, to ensure delivery by year-end for tax benefits.

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