New Heights | Q2 2021

This month our Regent Peak team is celebrating our two year anniversary!

The creation of Regent Peak as an independent advisory firm is a direct result of our desire to access optionality and a variety of solutions for our clients.

Now, two years into our independence, our growing firm is proud of our work to help individuals and families reach their financial goals. Thank you to all of our industry partners and clients for choosing Regent Peak. And, thank you to our excellent team for their dedication that makes it all possible!

The future is bright and we can’t wait to see what the next year brings. Below is a picture of our team's anniversary celebration.

In this Edition:

  • Financial Literacy
  • A Word from Our CIO
  • Relaunch
  • Our Improved Website Experience
  • Financial Updates
  • Keeping Us Informed
  • Follow Along
  • Stay Engaged on Social Media

Financial Literacy & Gratitude

In a recent publication, our Chief Investment Officer Nathan Hoyt shared his thoughts on understanding money, budgeting, and what it means to be financially literate. Below, we share some of that piece with you, and welcome you to read his full message by clicking here.

Financial literacy is a term that gets thrown around a lot - I think of it in terms of understanding money and, more importantly, accessing the tools available to grow your wealth. It doesn't mean much to understand money, if you don't have enough money to access the tools critical to grow your wealth.

One of Regent Peak's most important goals as a business is a focus on improving financial literacy, to bridge the knowledge gap, in an effort to make the world a slightly better place. I think about my own relationship and understanding of money. Gaining access to knowledge about money has been the best and fastest way I've seen improvements in my life. It leaves me extremely grateful for the path that led me to a career where I help families use the same tools I've been lucky enough to access for years.

Nathan Headshot_Web 2021.jpg

Reach out to our team if you are interested in exploring options, and understanding what it could look like for you to become a client of ours. We welcome the opportunity to have a discovery conversation with you!

  • Nathan Hoyt, CFP ®
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • 600 Galleria Pkwy., S.E. Suite 850 Atlanta GA 30339
  • 470-867-3550 (main)
  • Regent Peak Wealth Advisors


With feedback we received from our clients, combined with our team's desire to enhance the look and feel of our website, we put our heads together to determine the edits and updates we wanted across the site. Your Regent Peak team is now excited to uncover, the new and improved online experience at

Navigating the new website will be seamless. You will notice, not much has changed with the layout, but we believe the updated features will run more efficiently for you.

  • The Client Login remains in the top right corner, and can now be found on any page of the site
  • News & Commentary now houses a full library of content, from our early days, to the most recent publications from our team, including all of our videos
  • The Schedule a Meeting function is new, and it can be used as one method of requesting a specific date and time for a meeting with one of our advisors
  • Under the Our Team tab you will find quick links to get a message to a team member directly

Important Reminder

No need to wait for your annual review meeting! If there is a change in your financial situation, investment objectives, risk profile or if any account restrictions should be added, removed or modified, please contact your advisor

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