Team is an Important Part of the Regent Peak Culture

Company culture can be hard to describe, and also hard to maintain. At Regent Peak Wealth Advisors, we believe our culture is a significant part of our value added to our relationships. We put time and effort into building our team bond and we use our core values as a foundation for how we work with one another as well as our clients.

Our core values are:

  • Creative Solutions

  • Teamwork

  • Trusted Partners

  • Mutual Respect

  • Open-Mindedness

  • Giving Back

  • Fun

These values are reflected in our routines, for example:

  • We meet frequently to discuss what’s on our plates and share our goals for the day or week ahead. It’s a time when we can share challenges we might have and ask for input from team members to see if there might be alternative ways to go about problem solving. These team huddles allow us to exercise several of our core values at once.

  • Several times a year we set aside a day to get involved as a team with a selected nonprofit in the Atlanta area. Typically our contributions involve donations of our time to support the organizations’ missions.

  • Likewise, we take time a few times a year to just enjoy each other's company. Be it a baseball game, going to the mountains, or having a picnic, we make sure to set aside fun times that always help us remember that we like and appreciate each other outside of our professional contributions.

As our organization grows, we look forward to introducing new members who will contribute to our rich culture at Regent Peak Wealth Advisors.