What Should A New Client Expect During the Onboarding Process at Regent Peak?

At Regent Peak, we strongly feel our relationships are partnerships. We like to describe the relationship like our clients are the pilots, and we are the co-pilot. Even though we are in the financial planning advisory role, our clients establish the destination (set their financial goals), outline the flight path (explain the level of risk they are comfortable taking on), and safely land the plane (reap the rewards of financial discipline). And we are here to make it happen.

As co-pilots, it’s helpful for Regent Peak Wealth Advisors to understand the ins and outs of why you are on your financial planning journey. For example, it matters to us to know your hobbies, your pastimes, your children’s activities and educational goals, when you buy or sell a house, experience a career change, or your family structure changes. Understanding these aspects of your financial hopes and dreams, enables us to advise how you might want to structure certain aspects of your portfolio and how to partner with your other professional tax, accountant or legal advisors.

Importantly at Regent Peak, we have developed a scalable, process-driven approach to starting a new relationship. There will be some administrative aspects to the initial phase, which is why process is critical in our opinion. We set expectations upfront, as there is a great bit of heavy lifting to ensure a strong foundation is set. We follow deliberate steps that guide information collection and management with the goal of being consistently thorough and efficient, while adapting to you from the get-go to customize as needed.

We are proud to say that process and consistency don’t only occur during onboarding with Regent Peak. Our team thrives on processes to ensure sustainable flow for each and every one of our clients. Our advisors conduct routine portfolio reviews both in advance of, and in conjunction with, regular client meetings. Our commitment is an annual meeting, how you choose to meet is up to you, in a setting that you find convenient. A lot can change in a year, and it is important for us to understand your life updates in order to make appropriate adjustments to your financial plan.

While our approach is process-oriented, each client relationship and experience is unique and our partnership will progress accordingly and appropriately. Solutions and portfolios are as different as our clients’ goals and their financial journey destinations.

We look forward to getting on board with you.